Children usually love birthdays. Getting lots of cards, unwrapping presents, blowing out candles and abundant sweets. A children’s party is a must. It’s wonderful to organise a party at home but there is definitely lots to think about. Our 8 tips can go a long way towards making the special day run smoothly.

1. Preparation is key

A properly prepared person is worth 2 unprepared people. So it’s a good idea to start planning a few weeks ahead. Setting the date, time and duration of the party, drawing up the guest list and deciding whether to have the party at home or elsewhere… These are all decisions which should be taken well in advance. Set enough time aside on the day itself and get everything ready beforehand. You won’t manage to do so when you are surrounded by a group of children. A script will definitely help.

2. Themed parties are all the rage

Organising a children’s party gets a little easier if you give it a theme. This allows you to coordinate all the decorations, games and invitations to perfection to ensure the best outcome! This will make your child’s birthday party unforgettable!
Let your child help with the planning. It is his or her birthday after all.

3. Let your creative juices flow in the invitation

You can contact parents by text or email. But a real invitation with a nod to the theme of the party or a personalised invitation is so much nicer and more original. Choose an invitation together with your child and add text, and maybe a photo for that little something extra. Browse through our designs for birthday cards and personalise them as you wish.

4. Pamper the sweet tooth

A cake is essential. If you really want to push the boat out, you can order cakes with different themes. These cakes look wonderful but they come with a hefty price tag. If you like baking you can make a cake yourself. The birthday boy or girl can help you decorate it. Always consider what the children like. A cake with candles is a staple of every birthday. Children often don’t like cakes with buttercream or whipped cream. A simple vanilla cake, cupcakes or brownies may well fit the bill.

5. Keep the group busy

Children need to be entertained. They can just be left to play, but only briefly. Otherwise the party will quickly degenerate into chaos. Consider various activities and plan them as well. Handicrafts, making bath bombs, decorating cupcakes, treasure hunt,… Pick out 2 or 3. When unstructured play, opening presents and eating cake are added, you will find that the afternoon flies by.

6. Thinking of calling for assistance? Get it done!

A group of howling children in your house can be quite a challenge. Make sure that you don’t have to deal with it alone. It is always great for your child if both partners are present but you could equally ask the grandparents or one of your friends. This will allow you to let off steam with a glass of wine once the party is over.

7. Provide some thank you gifts

You can give the children something nice to take away at the end of the party. You can make bags with sweets and small gifts such as a bubble blower, mini colouring pencils, a bouncing ball or a whistle… Or you might want to go for an original and sustainable memento such as a bamboo magnet. Take a nice picture of the whole group, print it at home and stick the photo on the magnet. This thank you gift will definitely find its way onto the fridge or a magnetic board.

8. Make a lovely photo album as a souvenir afterwards

Take lots of pictures! Of the birthday boy or girl on their own and of their friends. This will mean you have photos to share with the other parents. Then they will be able to see exactly what you have done. They often only get part of the story from their children. Don’t just leave the photos on your Smartphone. Make a nice online photo album. Get started and choose from various ready-made designs or you can be creative and add text and a decorative touch.