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Our Story

Throughout our lives, we have encountered many moments – past, present and future – that touched us closely. Moments to cherish, to remember and that you want to be able to return to at any time. Our marriage, the birth of our children and grandchildren, birthdays, the launch of our business spring to mind as examples.
It was these very moments that inspired us when we set up the Concept Store in Valencia. With the shop, we want to be more than just a print and gift shop. At Mr & Mrs Peleman you can capture all the important moments in your life and make them tangible.

We would like to inspire you by sharing our story with you.
Mr & Mrs Peleman

The unforgettable holiday when love began ...

We got to know each other on holiday – a holiday romance, you would think. Nothing was further from the truth. It was the beginning of our life story. We still cherish our first trip together, and all other trips that may follow. To us, holidays still mean wonderful moments with the family.

Love, engagement, marriage, ...

We’ve been inseparable ever since we met. Fell in love, got engaged, got married! We immortalised that fantastic day in a photo album. We designed the invitations, the guest book and the menu. In our own style and to our own taste.

The birth of our daughters

We soon added to our family with the arrival of two lovely daughters. Welcome, little mini-Pelemans! Their first mashed vegetables, their first word, their first baby steps. We wanted to cherish these wonderful little moments forever. We took photos of everything and kept them all in personalised booklets. Now our daughters have a great memento of their first years. And those are years of inestimable value.


How time flies! Little kiddies grow up. We’ve always considered birthdays very important. Unforgettable birthday traditions create lasting memories for your children, who will cherish them forever and even pass them on to their own children. We wanted to make every birthday tangible with a photo album. It’s so great to see your children growing in photos!

Going to school

Playschool, primary school, secondary school and university. Over and over again we made personalised diaries and notebooks for our daughters. They also created their own beautifully bound copies of their dissertations, with text in foil print on the cover.

Moments to celebrate

Life is a party! Every milestone reached is a great reason to celebrate. A special birthday, a wedding anniversary, retirement, setting up a new branch of Peleman and more. We never let these wonderful and emotional moments pass us by. Quite the reverse. Because milestones like these are often unique and only come along once, and we’re firmly convinced that you have to make these moments tangible so as to anchor them in your memory forever.

Our own business

The next major step in our lives was starting our own business. We went to notaries, solicitors, architects, we visited premises, got advice, hired an accountant and got going. Thanks to all these people, we took the plunge.


Mr & Mrs Peleman is more than just a store. It’s an experience. Because when it really matters, people still prefer tangible presentations or photo memories. At those crucial moments in life or when closing ‘big deals’, this makes the difference between being informed or being impressed.

By making these products and technologies accessible to everyone, customers are now in control. It allows them to become creative storytellers of their own photos and presentations.

Mr. Peleman