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The birth of your child is a unique moment. You want to share something that important with family and friends, and cherish it forever. Nothing can be better than preparing for your baby’s birth during the pregnancy. A trendy birth announcement, a photo gift for the grandparents, godparents and so on … Everything’s possible, and even with the same theme!


Another year older! You want to make your or your child’s birthday an unforgettable day. Whether you opt for a simple party or prefer all the bells and whistles, the fact remains that you never want to forget this birthday. Preserve the highlights of your birthday party in a lovely photo album, or make a collage with the best photos and go on enjoying it long after the event!


The new school year leaves nothing to be desired if you have the right kit. You can find nice school diaries and notebooks anywhere, but for a special, personalised diary or notebook you need to come to us. You can also cherish happy memories of your schooldays in a yearbook. What are the odds that you’ll still have these books after many years?
Are you a student? In that case, you’ll soon have to write a dissertation. When you submit your dissertation, you naturally want to make a good first impression. So go for high-quality printing and binding.


Holidays stand for pleasure! When you come back with a suitcase full of wonderful memories, you want to cherish and look back on them for as long as possible. But everyday life makes them fade more and more into the background. And the hundreds of photos you took? You only scroll through them occasionally. Sounds familiar? Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for keeping these warm memories alive.


Your wedding is a unique day, and naturally you want to make that day an unforgettable occasion. Mr & Mrs Peleman has everything that’s just right for you. From invitations, menus and order of service booklets to photo albums and photo panels. But we can also help you with a photo shoot or hiring a photo booth. Still searching for design ideas and for the theme you want to work with? Don’t worry, our team will be happy to develop a creative proposal.


A bachelor party, anniversary or special birthday. They all deserve a proper celebration, don’t they? And a party doesn’t always have to be a modest affair. Be creative and give a themed party. Surprise your friends, for example, with a theme worked out to the last detail, however mad. From a crazy invitation to great (photo) mementos, with Mr & Mrs Peleman your party will be a big hit!

Business Gifts

As a company, you want to spoil your customers and suppliers from time to time, or thank them for working with you. A personalised gift makes an impression. You’ll find loads of original business gifts in the concept store, complete with your corporate identity.