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You can find nice school diaries and notebooks anywhere, but for a special, personalised article you need to come to us. What are the odds that you’ll still have these books after many years? You can also cherish happy memories of your schooldays in a yearbook. Record a whole year in a story with words and photos that can be read again years later.

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Are you a student? In that case, you’ll soon have to write a dissertation. When you submit your dissertation, you naturally want to make a good first impression. Choose from a wide range of covers and we’ll take care of the high-quality printing and binding

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Mr & Mrs Peleman offers you loads of personalisation options. Choose the cover of your diary, notebook or dissertation and get started on the text and photos.

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Designing your own diary, notebook or dissertation yourself is child’s play with our editor. If you’re creative and know how to go about it, go to our webshop/editor now and get started on it yourself.

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