The birth of your child is a unique moment. You want to share something that important with family and friends. In some countries, parents send a birth announcement to family, friends and acquaintances to tell them that a baby has arrived. Sometimes it contains a text or a little poem to welcome the baby, or for parents and any brothers and sisters to express their joy.

Why send a birth announcement?

It isn’t customary in every country to send a card when your new baby arrives. However, it is becoming increasingly popular. In the Netherlands and Belgium, for example, 95% of parents do send a card. It is a firmly established tradition.
Aside from traditions, sending birth announcements is just a lovely thing to do. Your family and friends receive a beautiful card about your little miracle and it is also a wonderful memento of the birth.
A birth announcement is also a kind of invitation. If you receive a card, you’re more likely to arrange to pay a visit.

What do you put in a birth announcement?

Creating a birth announcement gives you a lot of scope. It has to contain the name, date of birth, time of birth and contact details. The names of Dad, Mum and brothers and sisters should also be included. The baby’s length and weight are often added. In addition, you can add a great poem or text to the card.

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