Acrylic panel



The purchase of a new car is an emotional event and one that you as a car dealer will certainly not wish to ignore. A personalised quotation in a quotation file in your corporate style, a personalised box of surprises while waiting for delivery of the car, or presentation material for the showroom.

Advice, creation & design

You are clearly keen to focus on your core business: selling and repairing cars. However, this means you can sometimes forget to work on your brand awareness. No time to work on your brand or develop your own corporate style? Let us help you with your design, corporate look, printing and lots more.


The concept store has everything you need to add a personal touch to all of your bound documents, catalogues, files and more. The most popular techniques are UV or foil printing. However, we can also provide displays for your showroom or workplace, entirely in your corporate style.


Capturing special and emotional moments and making them tangible? We’re the experts! After finally signing their agreement, your customers can often face a long wait for their new car. So why not give them a personalised box containing the quotation, brochure, technical leaflet and some other gadgets when they sign the order form? Whatever your idea, do let us know and we’ll make a tailored proposal.

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