Agenda & Notebook


Schools and universities have an important role. After all, education is an essential building block in every child’s future, growth and development. However, in addition to lessons, directors, principals and teachers are overwhelmed with paperwork.

Print & Bind

Some messages deserve more than digital attention alone. Minutes, records, brochures, reports, etc. mean so much more when they are beautifully printed and bound. As such, you give your staff or students something tangible and they can re-read important documents whenever they wish. If you would like to know more about the different binding techniques and covers, please contact us.


Presentation folders and filing solutions are easily personalised with the school or university logo. Every customer receives professional advice: from choosing the right materials to selecting the appropriate customisation technique. The concept store has everything you need to add a personal touch to any bound document.

Advice, Creation & Design

A school or university with a particular image is sure to have its own logo and corporate look. Let us help you in developing a specific corporate style for your school. Our creative team at Valencia will do everything from A to Z.

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